DV Dongels/Hotspots

Hotspots and Dongels allow access to the Digital based modes such as D-Star, Fusion(C4FM), P25/NXDN and DMR. Most of these can cross mode from one type to another. It allows a Digital radio to be used on all modes or cross modes.


RF Shark Openspot

RF Shark PCB View


Key Features:

Designed for amateur radio

State of the art hardware design

DMR Features

Manufactures website https://www.sharkrf.com/about/


 D-Star can be asscesed by Computer or use of the internet and a HT or Dongle


The DV Access Point Dongle connects to your PC or Intel based Mac via a USB port and provides a 2 meter or 70 cm Access Point for use with a D-STAR radio.  Using an Internet connection, a user may connect to and communicate with D-STAR gateways and reflectors around the world.  The DVAPTool application used with the DV Access Point Dongle may be installed and run on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard, or many flavors of Linux.



The DV Dongle connects to your PC or Apple Mac via a USB port and provides encoding and decoding of compressed audio using the DVSI AMBE2000 full duplex vocoder DSP chip.  AMBE technology is used in all D-Star radios to provide efficient voice transmissions.  It is also used in some HF digital protocols by vendors like AOR.  The DVTool application used with the DV Dongle may be installed and run on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X, or many flavors of Linux. Simply install the dongle plug in headset log on to gateway and your on D-Star!



These are available from Internet Labs and Star-DV


Raspberry Pi (“RPI”) is a small computer using an ARM processer.  It has 512 MB of RAM, two USB ports, an HDMI port, a component video port, audio out port, Ethernet port and a slot for an SD card.  A picture of this wonderful little device is below.  You can learn more about it at the Raspberry Pi Foundation web site http://www.raspberrypi.org .

Added with a DVAP device a rechargabe battery, WIFI hotspot device and a D-Star HT you can use D-Star anywhere you have a wireless connection. This only works on D-Star!


 The D-Star image for rasberry PI for  Maryland is available at W3DHS website.

DVAP setup







Standalone D-Star hotspot


Wireless Holdings DV4MINI All Mode Unit

Key Features:

1) Audio quality is excellent both inbound and outbound.
2) Does not do Brandmeister "officially" - more on that later.
3) You can connect to both DSTAR and DMR at the same time however it will not play both at the same time - whichever one keys up first you'll hear.
4) On busy DSTAR reflectors the main display will crash after 10-15 minutes and the entire thing will be in an unusable state.
5) On busy DMR reflectors when not connected to a DSTAR reflector as well, eventually the main screen will stop displaying call signs and information. The green RX LED will also go solid. When it's in this state DMR still works, you can still transmit/receive however after about 10-15 hours in this state it will eventually stop working entirely.
6) The buttons on the handmic do nothing, just the PTT switch.
7) The rotary encoder is jittery - spin the knob "too fast", i.e. at any rate other than "dog slow" and it's either non-responsive or the counter starts going in the opposite direction.
8) The speaker in the box itself is only "OK". You're going to want to use to an external speaker. I use an old Kenwood comms speaker I had laying around.
9) On the web page interface the "unlink" option in the DCS menu doesn't work. The only way to unlink from a DMR reflector is to link to a different reflector. There is no "4000" option to hard unlink entirely.
10) No way to hard-reset the box back to factory defaults that I can find if you screw up entering your callsign and DMR ID so make sure you NEVER, EVER screw up the initial setup web page process.

11) Available in VHF and UHF formats. Antenna sold separtly

The DV4mini is a very small but also very capable USB Stick that can expand any system running Windows or LINUX into a Hotspot for the D-STAR, DMR, C4FM and APCO P25 modes

The DVmini is a powerful 32 bit micro controller, a complete 70 cm transceiver and a modulator/demodulator for GMSK and 4FSK and a USB interface

One nice feature of the DV4mini is that it does not require external power. The unit gets powered from the USB interface. For some of us that means less complicated portable use.

Another feature is the included software package which is easy to use and easily links with DSTAR, DMR+, P25 and Fusion reflectors.

There are many Hams who have DV radios but are out of range of the nearest DV repeater. DV4mini to the rescue! The DV4mini creates a hotspot with minimal resources and provides access to many DV networks.


With exception D-star these unit will not connect with Local repeaters or talkgroups or chat rooms. It will give you access to thousands of reflectors only available on the internet without changing a repeater or disrupting local repeater operation.

DV4mini AMBE (Voice) 70 cm UHF

DV4 Ambi 70 CM Voice USB

USB stick containing 70 cm data transceiver. This version contains an AMBE chip which allows the use of your PC's microphone and speaker to talk simultaneously to reflectors and through the DV4mini to other digital radios in range, antenna NOT included. This unit can use you Computer Speaker and Microphone as well as a Digital HT Same features as above but allows connection from Computer mic and speaker without an HT.

Devices have a Dashboard interface to control settings and modes

DV$ Dashbaord web interface page


Manufactures Website:http://wirelesshold.com/modems.aspx


DV4Home Internet Device

DV4Home internet Digital adaptor


DV4home Features:

The DV4home is another member of the successful family of DV4 products. As usual it supports all digital modes, while simplifying and extending the supported functions. While it acts as a "home" for the DV4mini it can be easily used mobile or portable as well. It is a stand alone unit that does not need a PC to operate. (DV4mini not included)

(automatic update of firmware via Internet)

There are 2 versions available, the DV4home and the DV4home compact.

DV4home Full Version

The DV4home uses the same microcontroller platforms as the DV4home compact, but adds 2 AMBE3000 chips, a microphone and a speaker connector to the unit. There is a built-in speaker and the microphone is included.
These components allow these additional functions:

Direct Internet transceive mode without a DV4mini by using the microphone and the external speaker. This is an economical alternative if no local wireless signal is needed. In this mode the DV4home supports D-Star, DMR, dPMR, NXDN (and later C4FM via software update)

Dual mode support: even without a DV4mini inserted the unit can be simultaneously connected to a D-Star and a DMR reflector, using 2 separate speakers to play the respective audio streams

Transceiver mode connects a D-Star or DMR radio via a plugged in DV4mini to a reflector.

Full Duplex you can moitor similtanious modes even during transmit

Cross mode with DV4MINI inserted into USB Slot with external speaker and an HT with digital mode RF output.


9-15V, 1A, barrel connector 5.5/2.5mm


RJ-45, 10/100 MBit/s


Stereo 3.5mm for simultaneous dual mode  operation


DTMF, Electret with modular connector


Integrated shielded compartment with USB connector


WLAN or LTE stick for wireless internet connectivity

Line out

3.5 mm 1 Vss


256 x 64, 4 lines OLED

Temperature range:

-40C - + 85C

System requirements The following components are necessary:

1. Internet access.

2. A PC with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, for firmware upgrade.

3. Web browser (any platform) for remote control.

DV4 Compact version

The DV4home compact is a barebone version which is an easy to operate stand alone device  with a simple rotary-push button operation and a high temperature range built-in display. It contains a shielded compartment into which a DV4mini is inserted. The voltage range between 9V and 15V allows a direct connection to a vehicle's power system without any additional power supply. The extreme temperature range from -40C to +85C ensures functionality even under the most extreme conditions.

The DV4home compact can be alternatively configured by the rotary-push button or by a PC using the Control Center software.

Web interface provides Reflectors available, Users and locations, reflector Directory by country and region.

All modes of the DV4mini are supported: Fusion, D-Star, DMRplus, dPMR, P25/NXDN

D-Star (DCS,CCS,REF,XRF,XLX)MRplus (TS1 all / TS2 Reflectors or talkgroups)

P25(Phase 1 Only and all NAC transparent mode

The DV4home compact can directly connect to the DMRPlus network or IPSC2 .

Connection to the internet can be made by:

Manufactures Website: http://wirelesshold.com/dv4home.aspx


DV4 Mobile Radio

DV4 Mobile Rig



DV4mobile - first all mode digital tri band transceiver plus LTE with GPS 20 watt Total output

Frequency range (USA)

144-148 MHz, 222-225 MHz, 420-450 MHz

Output power

2 x 20W simultaneously


FM, D-Star, C4FM, DMR+,,dPMR,P25*,NXDN*, DV4LTE


DTMF, Electret with modular connector




3.5 mm, stereo 2 x 4W at 8 Ohms

Connectors via adapter cable and 2 x 12 pin connectors:



RJ-45 via adapter 10/100 MBit/s



External Monitor


Internal display

240 x 320 pixel, 262k color


10.5-15V, 5A


Antenna combined into main antenna

Temperature range:

-40C - + 85C

 Manufactures Website: http://wirelesshold.com/dv4mobile.aspx

 These DVAP modules are perfect for hams with antenna restrictions or not enough room for an amtenna farm.  Digital modes are the perfect solution to talk all over the US and the world. These units allow use of modes your current HT does not have! Save money buying digital HT's

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